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How to Record A Song?

1. Equipment

2. Recording Your Voice

3. Saving the file as an MP3

4. Uploading the Mp3 to

1. The Basics: Equipment

This list can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors such as money and music knowledge; however, we are showing you the bare minimum to get by:

  • Microphone must have a connector, so you can hook it up to the computer. Microphones can be picked up at most electronic stores/ebay/online shops. You can also choose to buy an inexpensive Labtec one from, not near the same quality as other brands.
  • Computer (PC, Mac, Linux)
  • Recording Software, Check out Related Sites for places where you can purchase or download free software. For Window Users there is also a sound recorder program that's already on the system.

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    2. Recording Your Voice

    Pay Attention, this could get confusing.

  • Open up a recording program, we are going to use Audacity because it's FREE. Please be sure to read their FAQ page.
  • Remember if you already have your MP3, you can skip this step. Open a new file.
  • Click Record and start singin'. Go back and play it back. If you like it proceed to the next section. If not re-record.
  • Remember, when you sing/rap/yell into a microphone, don't sing to far from it or too near it. It is a trial and error game, depending on what mic you use.

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    3. Saving the file as an MP3

    When you are finished recording you want to save your file. Audacity lacks an MP3 encoder but you can download one at There are many different encoders available to download on the web. Many are free, but we strongly recommend you invest the $20 to purchase a professional encoder. It'll be faster, generate better sounding files, and come with technical support. Apples makes the itunes and many recommend Musicmatch.

  • Bitrate: 128kbps (We recommend but you can go higher or lower)
  • Channels: Joint Stereo
  • Samplerate: 44.1KHz
  • CAUTION: This must be a 44.1kHz MP3 file, or it will play at wrong speed!

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    4. Uploading the Mp3 to

    After previewing your MP3 from a music player (itunes, winamp, wmplayer, musicmatch), you are ready to upload it to your edit profile page.

  • Login and and click View All/Edit under the flash player. It's now time to upload.
  • Read the Sound Media requirements rule
  • Click browse and locate the file
  • Click Upload

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