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0 years old
that place with all the old people, FL

Last activity: September 17, 2006
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 About Jamaica
We kill for religion...we're relious by greed, can someone tell me who decided we were God? We got no compassion, we got no cause, but we got plenty of men wrapped up in gauze... they went to the frontlined to further our cause, but half of them don't even know which side they're on. So it's written in blood, some other man's sacrifice, for something he believes in such as G.O.D... but this war's different we sceam... they invaded our soil... for that we'll bomb the country and kill everything but forign oil. What it boils down to... what the bottom line is? The presedednt want's votes, and america want's a war. But let's get real, does killing a country really solve anything? thousands are dead,mothers are mourning, fathers are crying for the son's they lost without any warning.  

Jamaica's Details
Status: in one
Body Type: arms, legs, torso, e
Preference: Men
Religion: other
Occupation: musician, artist, creativician
Interests: all things creative or beautiful
Location: that place with all the old people, FL
Education: education mostly from life, and some from school
School: too many to list
Movie: Dumb and Dumber
TV Show: TV... don't really watch
Meal: anything vegitarian
Quote:  play more music

I have been playing music ever since I can remember... I can barely remember learning my first chords. I had my first real gig at 13 after playing drums for a couple of years. That band ended up together for about 3 years and got to the points where we were gigging about 3-6 nights a week. For about the past 8-9 years I have been writing songs, and have fallen in love with blues music... Am starting a project soon... lots of orgionals.  
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Jamaica's Songs

Genre: Rock

This is a song I wrote when the so called non-war was (not) starting officially.

This is a recording done lieve the same nigh as the other song...

Jamaica- Vocals and Rythm Guitar
Lee- Bass
Harley- Lead Guitar
Shawn- Drums
Rating: 8.70

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Music Info
Favorite Music Genre: Blues, funk, jazz, anything with a groove...
Favorite Artist: ??????????
Music Inspiration: anyone good, or anyone bad...
Instruments: I play lead and rythm guitar, drums, both hand and trap set,percussion, vocals, amature bass, bad keyboard, bad flute, and bad trumpet, I even made horrible sounds out of a trombone once....
Career Info
Business Status: Business???? I'm always busy, but am I making money? I'm an artist, what do you think? answer... sometimes.
Record Company: I'm famous in my sleep
Band/Group: forming one
Website: http://
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My real mum lives in Tampa.
Miss Sammy
I like your song

The force is strong in this one

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