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21 years old
SD now, Sacramento Later

Last activity: August 13, 2006
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 About STATIC 30
Static 30 has been playing together ever since their freshman year in High School. Times have been tough throughout the years, but they have managed to stay together.

They are currently located in San Diego and trying to play at local venues.  

STATIC 30's Details
Status: Not Together...
Body Type: Average White Boys
Preference: Women
Religion: N/A
Occupation: Musicians, obviously
Interests: Music, 4/20, having a good time.
Location: SD now, Sacramento Later
School: Self-Taught Musicians
Movie: Fear and Loathing in Vegas'
TV Show: Family Guy
Meal: Taquitos! So good.
Quote:  Check out the website for more goodness

Total Profile Views: 2172

STATIC 30's Songs

Genre: Punk

Rating: 8.74

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Music Info
Favorite Music Genre: anything really
Favorite Artist: Zep, MXPX, punk and oldies really
Music Inspiration: My father and mother are both musically inclined
Instruments: Guitar, Drums, and randomly, harmonica
Career Info
Business Status: Local band tryin' to make it
Record Company: DWKG.INC <--- Hookin it up nicely
Band/Group: Static30
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Matthew Conrad Rice




DJ Tiberus aka Beat on the Street


CannonBall Bob

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No venues added.
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You cute boyz should come down to Melbourne and do it the aussie way
so your tlling me im suppose to have sex w/ a total stranger.
chhyeah.right. i dont do losers
Maximus likes your music

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