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26 years old
Boonies in B-town

Last activity: November 24, 2009
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Yes...Y-E-S. So, about me. First of all, music is the ground that I walk on. Music has an impact on every single person in their every day life, regardless of who you are. We celebrate, mourn and even express pride and love through music. Unfortunately we don't take the time to give it enough credibility. Just think of how the world would be if there wasn't any music.......we as people would have a lack of color--quite frankly I don't know what I'd do without it!  

MIKKLE's Details
Body Type: Stumpy
Preference: Men
Occupation: Tree-Hugger
Interests: MMMMUUSIC--DUH!!!
Location: Boonies in B-town
Education: None
School: What's that?
Movie: Almost Famous
TV Show: King of Queens
Meal: French Toast

Total Profile Views: 2223

MIKKLE's Songs

Genre: Rock
Guitar/Vocals: Michal Ward (Mikey)
Guitar/Vocals: Chris Boswell (Bozzy Bear)
Bass: Tom Davis ("That Guy")

I hardly expected this song to come out this way, especially with my preferred genre of music--but hey, everyone likes a little non-sense in thier lives, right?
Rating: 8.73

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Music Info
Favorite Music Genre: i wanna ROCK!
Favorite Artist: ZEP all the way
Music Inspiration: Ani DiFranco
Instruments: Lots...Guitar mostly
Career Info
Business Status: Hungry College Student
Record Company: Melting Pot Productions
Website: http://
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Rocky Alexander

Marl\'N (Live Kingz)






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jazzy frizesh!
MIKEY!!!! we miss you come visit! NOW!!!
what it is? what's goin on wit da mikester
Hey, shake them dreads and all that good shit, for sure yo.
8/2/2006 is it goin chicka? there will be a change in practice.i am holding myself accountable now. i love cheer and my team too much to just let go. i am better than that and it was just recently when i figured that out. im changing everyday and in every aspect of my life.michal, i have relized that changing who i am in a good way will just make my life easier.i really dont no why it took me 15 yrs to understand that.i now see more of me than i have ever seen.i have confidence now.if it wasnt all for you i would just be the same person.and i use to have a dark side of me that everybody hated.especially myself.<33 lo
hay. i keep forgetting about you and the texting. well i hope your not angry with the LO, b/c i wanted to see if we could talk......a coupke nights ago. it wasnt nothing stupid if thats what your thinkin.:].like me callin you at 10:30 asking what you were doing. no nothing like that at all.

ugh. okayy well hope to hear from the michal soon:]
how about the weekend of the first week in Augusto
hey lady

no more texting

no more confusion :]

jazzy frizesh!
i didn't flake! dumb dumb den den didn't call me in time and then we all couldn't go. we miss you too lots! you need to come up to sac when fergos and i have our block party cause we are gonna be across the street from each other!
Ok so there I was thinking to my self...its about time we write something new. I got that one song I was workin with that we can do something to, but gotta get together...if you can make time for little ol Bozzy in your busy schedule that is...I mean its cool if you cant cuz...well you know...I know im no Godfather or anything like that...just a simple man...speaking of which that is a good Lynard Skynyrd, just fucking with you. So yea....ARE WE GONNA BUILD THE FUCKING FORT OR WHAT?!?!?
Thanks for serving us boyz breakfast in da Orwood
When are you and my boy 4dwata gonna make that sicc song, he already showed me the lyrics, their tight.
jazzy frizesh!
i don't like this leaving without saying goodbye missy! i was only gone for 5 mins!
did you see the song im'a launch?
Forty Wata
You are so COOOOO chica , ohhhhh so COOOOO
86 A Whilom
Vote for me please, and tell everyone else to as well.

Take care.
I adore the Houseboat song, it is so rivetting, thank you my apprentice, Mikey, maybe one day, I'll train to you to be my squire
jazzy frizesh!
MIKEY!!!!! the houseboat song is amazing! It kinda sounds like aliens marching in a crazy cult, but awesome aliens nonetheless. Come back to sac so we can see you again!
Future Trophy Wife
Hello Sweetie!!! I miss you SOOO MUCH!! Are you going on the houseboat trip?? I really wanna party with you! You better come visit this summer! And you need to help me "learn" how to be a better wakeboarder...I wanna have skills like you! lol..

Love ya tons
Mikey rulez, I miss the ewok :))))
So hold up BooBoo Kit....sorry, almost let it slip there, your a stubby tree huggin hippy that likes to rock out? Right on! Hey I put that song up on my profile, you need to get it up on yours. BURBANK! DIG IT!!

Oh yea by the way, the song needs more cow bell.
Sick asssss songgggg

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