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26 years old

Last activity: May 22, 2008
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 About Marl'N (Live Kingz)
Originally from New Orleans,Lousisana (Westbank and EastBank), but living in San Antonio. A current member of the New Orleans fast up and coming clique Live Kingz (Dajum, Komplex and Myself). I'm almost finished with my debut Solo cd entitled "Come With Me". The album will give you a little of everything (soul, uptempto, club/radio hits, love songz, baby making tracks and just tracks everyone can relate and listen to. I poured my heart and soul into this album. I only have one feature on the album, Dajum on Don't Make Me Wait. 16+ Original tracks of new R&B/Hip Hop/Soul sound. You gonna enjoy it. CD slated to be finished and sold on my sight once finished. A lil more about me. I joined the U.S.A.F. str8 out of high school (c/o 2000, 24yrs old). I have lived and been around the world(Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Mississippi, Arkansas, New York,Maryland, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Tennessee, Korea, Japan, Germany, Turkey, Abu Dabi, Dubai etc. ) I've met people from all walks of life. It gave me a new outlook on life and also broadened my writing ability and song quality. It gave me a chance to work with people from different backgrounds and musical genres. With a new found respect for all ranges of music I'm using a little of everything I know to produce and write and colab with other producers/artists. I don't sound like any one except for Marl'. That's a good thing, because I am new, fresh and original. I write, produce/co-produce my own songs. I feel I have been destined for this business since day one. Im used to traveling, working hard-long hours, staying in shape, I love being on stage being the focal point of the audience, keeping the crowd smiling and taken em on a lyrical ride. I express myself through my music. I am apart of music and music is apart of me and my way of life. A lot of people will ask "what do i bring to the table". I bring a new original smooth delicate, yet radiant original sound of my own that stands out and separates me from others. Currently residing in San Antonio, TX, I am breaking into the music industry and making waves with a new sound. My sound is Old School, Present and Future all mixed and rolled into one to create the sound I vocalize and push through my music (writing, singing or producing tracks). Hopefully I will be hitting the radiowaves and shows this summer to bring the world, the city of San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans Baton Rouge, etc some new music. Ya'll will be hearing a lot more from me and the LIVE Kingz. Dajum is slated for his solo album this summer also. The Live Kingz mixtape "Bow Down ch I & II" are out. HOlla at me if you want a copy. Currently slated to do some shows in Louisiana and Texas. I'll keep you posted. If you like what you hear let me know. If you want to book us for a show. Let me know. If you wanna Sign me, LET ME KNOW. I'm Game. LIVE KINGZ-Marl'N  

Marl'N (Live Kingz)'s Details
Movie: Anything With Martin Lawrence in it.
TV Show: Martin
Meal: I'm an all around person, I like to try everything.

Total Profile Views: 1983

Marl'N (Live Kingz)'s Songs

Genre: R&B
Come With Me.... The cd will be released within this month. Kop
the album. Marl'N
Rating: 9.26

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Music Info
Favorite Music Genre: I like a bit of every Genre. Tha's the beauty of music its so global.
Favorite Artist: Good question. M.J., Usher, Omarion, Bill Withers, Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder, T.I. Dr Dre, Dajum (live Kingz) Komplex (live Kingz)... goes on
Music Inspiration: I get my inspiration from my life experiences, my family and friends experiences and also from watchin movies and TV
Instruments: I play piano a LITTLE,
Career Info
Business Status: NOACU Records/Ent ; IMAJI'
Record Company: I have my own label
Band/Group: Myself-Marl'N;
Discography: Bow Down Ch I & II; Come With Me; Feel What i Felt
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